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As a specialist lawyer for labor law, we answer your questions on the subject of labor law. How do I have to behave in case of a dismissal? What periods of notice must I observe? What am I threatened with in the event of a warning? Am I entitled to severance pay? What pitfalls await me in the case of a severance agreement and/or a termination agreement? Basically, the question is: How do I behave correctly as an employee, executive, managing director or as an employer when concluding and terminating an employment relationship? The law firm of Dr. Poggemann - Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht Osnabrück (specialist lawyer for labor law) is at your side with advice and assistance and will also help you with the implementation of problematic personnel decisions.


Labor law is a specialized field with far-reaching implications for civil law. With its multiple interconnections and subject to constant change, it requires the knowledge and advice of particularly specialized attorneys for labor law. Our specialist attorneys for labor law have dedicated themselves to this area and provide advice with legally sound knowledge and help where you need it. "We represent both employees and employers and thus know the typical pitfalls and argumentation techniques of both sides," says attorney Sebastian Hanke. Interesting information can also be found on the site arbeitsrecht.de.


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We represent your interests before the labor courts not only in Osnabrück, Bielefeld, Oldenburg, Rheine, Lingen and Münster.